Monday, September 10, 2012

Adoption: Want vs Need

So you guys just wanted another kid right and that is why you're adopting? ......Nope.

You have a bunch of money and are wanting to pay it forward by taking in someone who has less? Hahaha....let me get my breath...Ok.....sorry....still recovering......No!

So what is the deal then, why do you want another kid? Why adopt?

We have five wonderful kids who are healthy. We were very sure that we were done having babies so David has already visited with a doctor to, no pun intended here, seal off that avenue! Our lives were very comfortable. Our youngest will be turning three this month and we were all set in our routines. For Kathie she was already looking forward to the time when they would spread their wings and leave the nest, so she could maybe feel like more than just "mom." But then...

God began to really show us how much we loved kids; and not just the baby-toddler ages, but all aspects of them. Everywhere David goes, little ones are just drawn to him(and vice versa) and he loves interacting with them. In fact, this often scared Kathie and made her think he might be getting the baby bug! But,truth is that Kathie enjoys them so much as well. God then began to give us interactions that planted seeds. He began to impress on our hearts the orphan issue in the world today, and in particular, in China; the heartbreaking conditions these children live in,and the thought that there is no one to show Jesus to them, no one to love them, no one to care about what they might like, or think, or want to be someday.  None of our motivation came from a "want" of another child.  It came from love pure and simple, as well as a NEED to give that love away and do what we feel called to do, to live our lives in the way that God wants us to.

Do we "want" another child? Absolutely now, yes we do! We already have a love for this unkown child and can't wait to meet her. There is a string from our house to China and we are excited about every inch that we move along that string to get to her! This need and love has been put into our hearts by our Father who pours out His love on us. It doesn't make sense financially. It doesn't make sense when looking at our comfort/living level.  It just plain doesn't make sense! But since when has pure love ever had to make sense? :-)

For our family looking after orphans has become something more than just writing a check to give money to someone else who is doing the work. We are so very thankful that there are agencies who are doing this work. They are amazingly important, and we realized that even if we were unable to adopt, we had a responsibility to support them. We also know that without those people who are called to financially support adoption, everyday families (we are not Brangelina or Madonna!) would not be able to meet the monetary demands. Adoption for us is now both a want a need and we feel honored that God has chosen to work in our lives in this manner.

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  1. I feel honored to be a part of your journey. Looking forward to following along