Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Steinbergs: David, Kathie, Alex, Christopher-Ryan, Lyriel, Keira, Sophie and ?

Our adoption journey began (in our eyes) about a month ago. Now, of course, in hindsight we see that God has been preparing us for a while now. We truly feel that God has given us whatever we have to be used for Him. We are to be poured out in His service. James 1: 27 states, “This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and father, to help orphans…” God put in our family’s heart the capacity and willingness to parent and love another child. Our kids cannot agree on what television show to watch or what to have for breakfast, but they all agree that they are supposed to have another sister. We are thankful for their loving hearts.

Our family took most of August to pray, research, and discuss the possibility of adopting a little girl from China. God brought confirmation after confirmation that this was something we were definitely supposed to pursue. We mailed our official application to CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International http://www.ccaifamily.org/ ) August 24th and received word that our application had been approved August 30th. We have selected FTIA (Families Through International Adoption http://www.ftia.org/ ) as our Home Study Agency.

Promptly on Monday, Sept. 3, we spent most of the morning in fear about how we were going to be able to fund this adoption. For those who don’t know, Chinese adoption costs roughly $26,000. Thank goodness there was a group of fellow adopters that we could immediately notify that we needed encouragement and prayers. They responded right away with both! We know that this is a time like no other that we will have to trust in Him. We can’t wait to continue to share how He moves and provides as we journey to find our daughter in China.

We have attached a couple of links to videos that speak to our hearts and we pray speak to yours as well.

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