Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another update

I's crazy.  Two updates in the same day!  I don't know what has gotten into us.....  =)

We posted this info on our Facebook adoption page, so wanted to repost it here for all of our friends who are not on Facebook.  This kind of breaks down the next steps in our journey, which honestly I need to see it written out because it can be kind of confusing!!

Our signed LOA and Immigration paperwork arrived at our agency yesterday, and they overnighted our immigration paperwork to USCIS the same day! Here is a picture of what happens next and the time frames:
1. I-800 Provisional Approval (I-800 PA) comes via USPS 2-4 weeks after filing. Once UCSIS enters the paperwork that was overnighted to them yesterday, the clock starts ticking on this one!!
2. Then, the NVC Letter (Titled “Bureau Of Consular Affairs”) will arrive via USPS or via e-mail 5-7 days after I-800 PA is issued.
3. After the NVC letter is sent from us to our agency, CCAI reps will deliver Lily's visa application and other documents to the US Consulate In Guangzhou, China, for processing.
4. Next, Article 5 is issued (U.S. Central Authority’s approval for Hague adoptions), which is express-mailed to Beijing & delivered to the CCCWA 2 weeks after documents are delivered.
5. China will next issue TA (Travel Approval), which is received by CCAI 2-4 weeks after Article 5 is received by CCCWA. This has been running on the longer side lately, mostly in the 4-week range. Once it comes though, there will be great joy! =)
6. Finally, our agency will work with us to plan our trip to China, which will be 10-21 days after Travel Approval is received!!

We are sending out both the paperwork for our visas to the Chinese consulate courier in Chicago and Lily's visa application to our agency today. By the end of June, our agency will wire transfer the child-rearing orphanage fee to China. This fee itself is roughly $5,800 and is a "donation/contribution" required by China to help the orphanage for raising the child.  The funds from the garage sale next week will go to making hopefully a bit of a dent in that.  =)

So there you have it!  We'll try to do a better job of updating our info, especially as we get closer to travel! =)


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