Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home Stretch

We received notification this morning from the US Consulate in Guangzhou that our Article 5 (Lily's visa application) has been completed and picked up by our agency.  They in turn will now express mail our paperwork back to the CCCWA (the China Welfare office) so that they can issue our travel approval.  This step has been taking anywhere from 8 days to 4 weeks.  With the consulate moving after next week, we are praying for a very short wait for TA so that our agency can get our consulate appointment scheduled before the consulate closes down for the move.  If our TA can come before 7/12, our appointment can hopefully be set up and we can start preparing to fly!  If not, then we wait until 7/24 or after for our agency to schedule the appointment.  Regardless, we are now in the home stretch and can barely wait!

We received word on Friday that we were turned down for the Gift of Adoption Grant; however, we did receive a grant from the Feng Li Li Foundation to help with our adoption fees.  We are so thankful for that, especially since this is a fantastic organization.  One of the ways they raise grant money for families is through concerts by the beautiful Laura Valentine.  We were honored that she was willing to perform on behalf of Lily.  Please check out her story and testimony....it is absolutely wonderful!


We are so humbled and amazed at this journey God has brought us on and pray that He gets all the glory! 

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