Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quick Update

We submitted our Letter of Intent yesterday for an adorable 18-month-old little guy!  Our agency is submitting this preliminary paperwork to China, and we should hopefully hear within the next 2-4 weeks if we are granted pre-approval on him.  After we receive pre-approval, we will be free to post specifics about him.  In the meantime, we are in the home study process and also waiting to find our new little lady.  We do have a little girl we are very interested in and are on a waiting list to review her file, though her family may find her before her file makes it to us.  In any event, we are just praying that God works things out according to His perfect will and that we can behave ourselves and be patient through everything.  Patience is not usually one of our strong points! =)

Again, as always, thank you for all the prayers!  Seriously, it makes such a difference.  Also, thank you to those of you who have donated in our Frozen dress giveaway.  We can't express how much it means to us to know that there are people standing with us in this process.  It's not always easy, and honestly sometimes seems nearly impossible and way too big for us, but we know that God has led us in this direction and that He is faithful to provide what we need.  We are excited to be on this journey and glad you are all along for the ride! =)

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