Monday, June 10, 2013

I-800 PA!

Homeland Security has been hearing from me lately....a lot!  We found out the US Consulate in Guangzhou will be closing down for a few weeks in July to move to a different building and have set a deadline of 7/5 for all paperwork to be turned in before the move.  Needless to say, we are wanting our paperwork to get in before the deadline to be processed.  We are ready to bring Lily home, and the thought of an extra delay did not float our boat!  So, even though I said I wouldn't call all the time and bug the National Benefits Center, who are the ones to process our I-800, I did.  I have become that hyper lady who does that.  I called almost every day checking to see if they had received our paperwork.  We kept hearing the bad news that it hadn't been received yet, it was still in processing, it hasn't made it to your officer yet, etc.  Finally, on Friday, I called just to ask the status again.  I figured if I didn't call on Friday, I would be stewing all weekend wondering about it.  Lo and behold, it had been approved earlier that day!  YAY!!!  I'm thinking all those prayers people are lifting up for us are working! =)  In any case, we were praising God that it went a bit quicker than we had been quoted earlier last week, though about the usual time for that step.

We are currently waiting for our paperwork to be delivered to the National Visa Center for processing....that is where the cable is generated.  We were told that the cable is generated 5-7 days after the I-800 PA is issued, but that you have to make sure to e-mail or call them and request that a copy of your cable letter be sent to you as a .pdf so that your agency can do the Article 5 drop-off quicker.  Since we are facing a deadline, you can bet your bloomers that I'll be e-mailing them on a regular basis until we hear something, especially since our agency suggested we start e-mailing them a few days earlier than usual so we hopefully squeeze in before the consulate closure.  I'm ready.....the e-mail is already composed and saved in my drafts to send to the NVC tomorrow! 

In the meantime, our sweetie awaits!  We are thankful she finally received the care package we sent in February, so now she can get used to the fact that she has a family waiting for her and can get acquainted with our pictures.  We certainly have fallen in love with her!!

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